This website is about the wrecks located on the Romanian Black Sea Coast.

For many years I have enjoyed diving these wrecks, and I have always wondered why so few Romanian divers visit them. The divers tend to think that the water is cold, visibility is poor and there's nothing to see except for mussels and a few sea horses. In reality, for those who dive often, the Black Sea is not bad at all: most of the time the visibility is at least decent (5-10 meters), and sometimes it can even surprise you (10-30 meters). The waters are indeed cold most of the time (7-15 degrees), and a dry suit is a very good idea, but in late summer you might even encounter temperatures of 18-20 degrees on the bottom. Read the history of the wreck, look at photos of the ship, take your time under water to imagine how it looked before it sank, then clean a few mussels in the right spot, and you will be amazed by what you may discover.

My hope is that, by putting together all the information that I have about these wrecks, more divers will be tempted to visit them.

The information provided on this website is based on the work and research of the following divers:

Note: Some photos were found on the Internet, with no copyright information available. If you have knowledge about the correct copyright of a photo, I will gladly update the details.

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